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Easy DIY instructions on how to make a low-cost corpse prop, tied up and wrapped in plastic. You know, just like a killer would do in a movie before throwing the body in the lake.

How To Do It:

1. Cut a sheet of plastic from your roll of flame-retardant black plastic sheeting, and lay it out flat on your floor or work surface. It must be big enough to wrap all sides of the corpse prop. I suggest at least 7' x 5'. That way, the 7' side can be used for height, and can still be wrapped around the top and bottom and leave an almost 6' tall corpse, while the 5' can be wrapped around and taped together in back for the circumference of the body, with some extra width left over to overlap, making sure that the filling doesn't fall out. You can make them larger or smaller, depending on what size corpse prop you're trying to make.

2. Crumple up the individual sheets of your newspapers (or other paper), which will be used as stuffing.

3. Place your crumpled newspaper chunks on the black plastic sheet, in the basic shape of your corpse prop.

4. Fold the sides (sides being the shorter length of the sheet) inward over the top of your newspaper chunks and use duct tape to fasten the sheet together along this seam. You can overlap the sheet to make sure nothing falls out. This side with duct tape will end up being the back of your corpse prop.

5. At this point, the head and foot area of the corpse prop are not yet closed, so you can now add more newspaper chunks through these areas if you need to, to fill out the shape. Make sure there's enough space left to fold the plastic over the top and bottom, as you will be duct taping them closed on the backside, where the other duct tape is.

6. When you're sure you've got enough crumpled paper chunks inside, wrap the plastic over the head and foot areas toward the back (where the other duct tape is), and use duct tape to tape them closed on the back side.

7. Use your hands to move around and shape the paper in proper areas to resemble a corpse. ie: The head, the wider midsection area where the arms would be, etc.

8. Use twine or other rope to tie around the neck area, which will help keep its shape. Continue wrapping the rest of the corpse prop in twine, using it to help hold the shape. You can also use duct tape, if you like the look of it more.

Corpse prop wrapped in black plastic and twine

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