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DIY Fog Machines / Smoke Machines

Fog or smoke machines are a great method of creating a spooky atmosphere in a haunted house. They also help as an aid to limit your guests' vision if you have a surprise waiting for them inside of (or on the other side of) the fog. You can also create great lighting effects by aiming lights through fog. You can purchase cheap fog machines from a fly-by-night Halloween store, OR, you can make your own. Here's how to create your own DIY (do-it-yourself) fog/smoke machine >>

DIY Casket / Coffin

Whether you want to pop out of one and scare someone, or just set one up to fill with ice and serve cold drinks out of, here's how you can build a prop coffin for next to nothing. Here's how to build a prop coffin >>

DIY Ghost Photo Booth

This could be a novelty that you either charge for or simply use as a promotional tool. It will require you to use photoshop or another simple photo editing application. But, it's very easy to do. Here's how to make a simple ghost photo booth >>

DIY Customization Of Store Bought Masks & Costumes

If you want your haunt actors to stand out from others, you'll want to make sure they have their own look. Even if you can't completely build your own custom outfits and disguises, you can customize masks and costume pieces that you buy from Halloween costume stores. Here's how to customize store bought masks and costumes >>

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