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Steps To Creating Your Haunt

STEP 2: Planning & Designing Your Haunted House

Right after safety, planning for your haunt is easily the most important, and therefore next step in the process of building a haunted house. For tips on planning your haunt, visit our Planning Your Haunted House page.

STEP 4: Building Doorways For Your Haunt

Building walls and panels will be your next step. For tips on building walls and panels for your haunt, visit our Building doorways For Your Haunted House page.

STEP 5: Sound / Audio

Sound is a very important aspect of haunt building and creating an atmosphere of fright. For tips on sounds and audio, visit our Haunted House Sound & Audio page.

STEP 6: Lighting & Shadows

Choosing the right lighting can be the key to how scary your haunted house will be. For tips on lighting your haunt, visit our Haunted House Lighting page.

STEP 7: Props

When it comes to scaring people in your haunted house, there's no substitute for spooky props. For tips on building props for your haunted house, visit our Prop Building For Haunts page.