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First, this doesn't necessarily have to be a "booth", per sé. In fact, it's probably better if it isn't. The net result is that you're going to take photos of your guests and make them look like ghosts! You can choose to do this and email the ghostly photo to them for a small fee, or use it as a promotional tool by showing them the photo, uploading it to your facebook page, and asking them to tag themselves in it. When they tag themselves, all of their friends will see the photo and want to come to your haunt as well.

Materials Needed:

• Camera (a phone camera will do in a pinch)
• Tripod
• Decent lighting
• Photoshop (Or, any other photo editing application that supports layers and allows you to adjust transparency)

How To Do It:

1. Find a spot to appoint as your official photo taking spot at your haunt. It could be a specific backdrop made for photos, a spooky looking area in front of the haunt, a castle-like entrance, or whatever you want. It's completely up to you.

2. Set up your camera on the tripod and aim it at your chosen photo background. The tripod is important, as we will need to take multiple photos in the same exact position.

3. For each guest photo you take, you will first take their photo in front of your chosen backdrop. Then, after they walk out of your frame, you will take a second photo of the background without them in it. It is important for the camera and tripod to stay very still between these two photos. You want the photos to be of the exact same position, or this won't work.

4. Pull both photos into photoshop, or your chosen image editor.

5. Place the layer *with* the person or people on top of the one without them.

6. Lower the transparency on the photo with people in it until they reach your desired level of ghostliness.

7. Save the photo as a .jpg, and you're done!

Ghostly Photo Example

Alternate, SCARIER Idea:

Instead of just making your guests appear as ghosts per the instructions above, how about adding another "real" ghost that wasn't involved in the pose? That way, when your guests see the photos, they will think there was a real ghost standing next to them.

Follow instructions just as written above, but, add a third layer to the photos. You will simply take at least one photo ahead of time of one of your haunt's ghosts or ghouls standing in the same spot that your guests will stand for their photos. When you layer the photos together as in the above instructions, you will also add one of the ghost photos of your haunters that you took ahead of time, and adjust the opacity so that they appear transparent. If you take several of these with different ghosts or ghouls, guests will end up with different apparitions in their photos. Or, just use several different poses of the same one, resulting in your guests thinking there is an angry ghost trying to make everybody leave his home.

Ghostly Photo Example

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