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If you've seen the movie "Trick R' Treat", you've no doubt marveled at the Halloween decor seen throughout the film. Here is how to make stand-alone ghosts for your yard, as seen in the first scene of the movie.

Build ghosts for your front yard

Materials Needed:

• (1) 4x4 piece of wood, 7 feet tall
• (1) 2x4 piece of wood, 5 to 6 feet long
• 1 White bed sheet, King or Queen size
• 1 Plastic Jack-O-Lantern shaped pail, white or black (or something similar)
• 1 Strand of Orange, Red or White String Lights (optional)
• 1 Post Hole Digger
• 1 Saw (optional)
• 1 Hammer
• Wood Nails
• Thumb Tacks

How To Do It:

1. Cut 2x4 in half with saw (Optional - If not, your arms will be straight across, not angled down)

2. Using 2 nails each, nail the 2x4 arms to the 4x4, approximately 12 to 18 inches from the top, where the head will be. If you didn't cut the 2x4 in half, just nail the single 2x4 in the center with at least 2 nails. Using a measuring tape will help to make sure your arms are even lengths on each side.

3. Use post hole digger to dig a hole between 6 and 12 inches deep in the ground.

4. Stand your frame upright with the arms toward the top, then place the bottom of the 4x4 in the newly dug hole.

5. Fill in the sides around the 4x4 with the dirt that was dug from the hole. If it doesn't stand firm, you may need to dig the hole a little bit deeper.

6. Place your plastic Jack-O-Lantern trick or treat pail upside down on the top of the 4x4, to create a round head shape.

7. If you want your ghosts to glow in the night, now is time to add your string lights. Drape them from bottom to top in the outline of the shape of a ghost. ie: From bottom to the far end of one arm, up to the top of the head, over to the far end of the other arm, then diagonally back down to the bottom. Use thumb tacks to hold them in place. If tacks are not available, you can hammer nails into the wood where you want to fasten the string lights, and just fit the nail between the two separate strings in your light strand.

8. Drape your white sheet over the top of your ghost frame. Diagonal is probably the best approach for this. Use thumb tacks to fasten the sheet to the wood in spots that they cross.

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