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Is Insurance Required For Haunted Houses?

You should check with your local fire inspector, state fire marshal, city fire department fire prevention division, or local city/town government offices for accurate information as to whether insurance is required, and how much is required for your haunted house or attraction. However, regardless of whether it is required, if you're running a professional haunt, it's a bad idea to *not* have insurance. Something as simple as a person tripping and falling could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more if you don't have insurance. Safety is always your first priority, but you should always have insurance, just in case.

What Types Of Coverage Should I Consider For My Haunt?

The main areas of coverage that you should be concerned with when purchasing insurance for a haunted attraction are: Liability, excess liability, volunteer accident insurance, and equipment/building insurance. Liability insurance protects the insured from risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits or similar claims. Excess liability coverage provides additional insurance limits if desired. Volunteer accident insurance would cover any accidents that may occur with your workers and volunteers. Building or equipment coverage would obviously cover your structure and equipment. However, if you are dealing with an insurance provider who deals with specialty and haunted house insurance policies, they should be able to give you their own opinions on what you may or may not need.

How Do I Find Insurance Providers For Haunted Houses & Attractions?

The easiest way to find local insurance providers who cover haunted houses and haunted attractions is to go to your favorite search engine (google, yahoo, bing, etc.) and search terms like "haunted house insurance (your location here)" (substitute your own city and state for the term "your location here"). You can also search "specialty insurance (your location here)".

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