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Have you ever seen glass bottles covered in melted wax? This one is pretty easy and straight forward. If you are holding a party at home, you may choose to use the wax covered bottles as candle holders for your party. However, if you're using these in a professional haunt, do not light the candles, as they may create a fire hazard. Always observe normal fire safety precautions.

Materials Needed:

• Empty glass bottles (wine bottles, liquor bottles, whatever you want to use)
• Stick Candles, your choice of color(s)

How To Do It:

1. Find a surface where you're going to work. Make sure you set something down on the surface to catch excess wax droppings that fall from the candles.

2. Set your bottle(s) upright on your work surface.

3. Put one stick candle in the mouth of each bottle. If the candle doesn't go in far enough to secure itself, twist back and forth to work it into the bottle until it's secure. Make sure they're not leaning sideways.

4. Light the candles in the bottles.

5. Wait for the candles to melt down over the bottles.

6. You may burn additional candles in each bottle if you want more than one color, or if you just want more wax on them.

CAUTION: Do not leave burning candles unattended, at risk of fire.

Melted Candle Wax Covered Bottles

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